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The Edumomo Team is unlike any other. While most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, we share our actual trading ideas in premarket and in real-time on a live voice chat. Like you, we have our own money on the line. Because we provide instant trade plans, you can listen or watch on a smartphone or tablet for trade setups, even if you work full-time.

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Our goal is to transform the way you trade through our simplified process, proven system, trading education and premarket prep to help you trade confidently by reducing your tuition to the market. The markets are challenging - that’s why we trade together and provide all the tools and resources to have you spend less time and have incredible results! 

Premarket Prep Videos

Every weekday morning you’ll get Premarket Prep videos from Spectre with valuable info for planning todays trades based on the chart reviews, levels and Spectre's daily trade plans!

Live Trading Chatroom & Weekly Classes

For years our community has gathered to look for trades together. Members of all experience levels watch our charts/levels in real-time during interactive online sessions. Many members share their trade plans, ideas and chat after hours too. With 3 different interactive classes every week for you led by our Traders!

Real-time Trade Plan Alerts

We know not everyone can watch the market during the day. Many don't know how to plan trades or have time to build their own everyday. so we share our trade plans in real-time so you can review our traders plans and make the decision to take action or build your own that better suits you! 

The Edumomo Trading Team

We’re a community of dedicated traders with years of combined market experience. Each of us was hand-picked as successful THT that excel in Mastering the Process.

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The stock market is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of

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How did I plan a 1000% return trade on SPY puts on December 5, 2022?

Banking with PlanningMy original thesis of 403.70 would hold for more consolidation

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Stop Struggling at Trading!

Stop Struggling at Trading! Often, it is difficult to pinpoint the reason

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Momo Market Roundup, 6/02/2022 — $SPY Gap Down Reversal… $QQQ Huge Moves… $TSLA 800 In Sight…

$SPY Gap Down ReversalSPY gapped down just slightly after some negative MSFT

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Momo Market Roundup, 6/01/2022 — $SPY Gap Up Reversal… $CRM Earnings… $AAPL Pop And Drop…

$SPY Gap Up ReversalSPY had a nice slow grind up last night..

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