Tip: How to setup Black Box Stocks twitter feed on TweetDeck 

 November 9, 2018

By  spectre_trades

I love how Black Box has an algo watching the option call flow and then sounds out a tweet when it finds something it likes.

The twitter feed is available to members and to trial members. Send me a tweet if you want to be added to the next free trial.


So here are the steps to get access to the twitter feed.

  1. Join Twitter if you haven’t already.
  2. In Twitter, follow https://mobile.twitter.com/BlackBox_Team
  3. Send your twitter handle/username to the Black Box Team. Choose either method below and they will add you to the @BlackBox_Team private twitter list.
    1. Send a tweet to @BlackBoxTen or @JenLovesCrypto
    2. In Discord, send a direct message to “@Tim (I Am Blackbox)” or to “@Jen ♡ crypto”

That’s if for getting access to the feed.  I like to use TweetDeck (a twitter application) to watch for these tweets.

  1. Login to TweetDeck using your twitter credentials.
  2. Click the plus symbol on the far left and add User
  3. Search for BlackBox_Team and choose the one with the black cube logo.
  4. Click Add Column.
  5. Find the BlackBox_Team Column and choose preferences if you want to enable notifications

Here is a quick video that shows you the same steps.  Remember to send your twitter handle to blackbox.

What Next?

Watch for the call flow.   Below is description of the alert types.  I’ll be adding a post on how I trade these alerts in the future.

Black Box Twitter Feed Alert Types


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