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Momo Market Roundup 10/18/2021 — TSLA behaves itself, PLUS a wild-card bet - EDUMOMO

Momo Market Roundup 10/18/2021 — TSLA behaves itself, PLUS a wild-card bet 

 October 18, 2021

By  spectre_trades

Tesla (TSLA) On Its Way

As you probably know, mine and many of my students’ eyes are glued to TSLA right now. Late last week I suggested 880 calls at $4. My model predicted 875-895 today, and like clockwork, it peaked at 875. If you had put $4,000 into those options, you could have sold the whole position for as high as $19,000 today.

Or, you could have sold part of the position, taken out your $4,000, put it back in your account, and stayed in for the ride with pure profit and no risk. Or sold most of the position and tried to re-enter at an even better price. Remember, Tesla announces earnings on Wednesday, and we’re sharpening our knives to see TSLA hit all-time highs past 900 or even 1,000.

Wild Trade on Lucid Group (LCID)

Remember, Tesla isn’t the only electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. I currently have a wild trade active on a Tesla competitor in the EV biz, Lucid Group (LCID). I bought 27 calls on LCID for this week.

My thesis is that if TSLA goes over 1000 (as we think it might if the market likes its Wednesday earnings announcement), it will send tremors through the EV industry. LCID could rip up to 28 or even 30. If LCID hits 30, every $1,000 I bet on those options will be worth $15,000. Who wouldn’t want to be in that business?

Student Trade of the Day

I was so focused on electric vehicles that I didn’t even alert on one of my own recommendations—Coinbase Global (COIN). While I was neck-deep in TSLA, one of our THT Elite members shouted out to the group to go long on COIN around 272-275. Well, member ShRegime watched the VWAP like we taught him to, bought 295 calls when the stock was at 277, and ended his day with his total account value up 17%.

Way to go, ShRegime! I missed on the best entry, but was still able to join thanks to his share.  Our elite membership isn’t about me, but about building a community of elite traders. I’m always thrilled when one of the tribe follows the process and scores so big.

To become an elite trader, request an invitation.



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