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Momo Market Roundup, 10/25/2021 — INSANE Call Flow to TSLA - EDUMOMO

Momo Market Roundup, 10/25/2021 — INSANE Call Flow to TSLA 

 October 25, 2021

By  spectre_trades

Call Flow to TSLA is Off the Chain

Tesla (TSLA) broke 1000 today just as we predicted. The 1000 Nov 12 calls I grabbed last week for $5 are now worth $60, a 12x increase — again, well in the range of what we predicted.

Here's something we didn't predict — the call option flow to TSLA is around $596 million as of today.

To give you an idea of how utterly insane that is, the call flow to TSLA is normally between  $15 million and $45 million ... maybe up to $50 million. To my knowledge, this level of call-option flow is, in a word, unprecedented.

What to make of this? According to our models, TSLA is on a roll to 1100-1200. I could be wrong, but based on this call flow, I think it's going to go to 1200. Those Nov 12 calls could go as high as $200.

NVDA is On the Way

Last week we put out the word that we would buy NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) call options at $1.50-$2.50, targeting a $5-$10 sale price this week. Well, those options hit $5 today and we like the chances that they will hit $10 later this week as NVDA pushes toward our key level of 235-240.

COIN Bounces Back

Coinbase (COIN) behaved weakly, dipping down below our key level of 306. It bounced back up over 306 today, which means our eyes are back on the target level of 320. If bitcoin continues to rally, the crypto-trading platform could be headed to 335-340.

Be Careful with Options on Trump-Affiliated DWAC

Digital World Acquisition Company (DWAC) came out of nowhere to dominate the trading conversation last week when the no-name company was used by Donald Trump as a backdoor to take the former President's social media platform public.

Well, options are now available on DWAC, but we're cautious. The premiums will probably be highway robbery for a while. We're waiting for DWAC to consolidate and pick a direction before we even think about touching those options.

Member Trade of the Day

YungBobbyDee grew his account 13% trading on TSLA ... and he was low-key kicking himself because he sold too early and could have been up 25-35% on the day if he stayed in longer. We think you'll be fine, YungBobbyDee! You followed the process and won big. Most people target 13% account growth for the year, not the day.

Moe ManDingo grew his account 30% trading on TSLA.   Moe is a long term member growing his account over 20x  since we started working together.  Congratulations Moe!


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