October 28

Momo Market Roundup, 10/28/2021 — Our Tools Saved Us on FB


We Were Right And Wrong About FB

We were looking for Facebook (FB) to break 318 and then go short, shooting for it to flush to 300 and then go long. Well, according to plan the stock flushed ... but then buyers showed up in force around 310-312. 

Thank goodness for Black Box Option Flow — were able to catch those big moves early enough to execute a failed breakout reversal pattern. We cashed out our short positions early and went long at 315 instead of 300. 

Our levels predicted a breakout over 320 to hit the 325 level, and that's exactly what happened this afternoon.

What a rush ... some big players in the market threw us a curveball, but the scrappy underdogs at Edumomo had the tools and the talent to come out ahead anyway. Congrats to everyone who exercised patience, didn't panic, and had the discipline to follow the plan.

SHOP Follows in GOOG's Footsteps

Shopify Inc (GOOG) copied Google's (GOOG) action from yesterday after announcing its earnings. It acted weak, then ripped up fast and hard, running almost 200 points off the lows. Amazing run—and Edumomo members would have seen it coming early enough to plan a gap-down reversal setup and make out like bandits.

Trump to Speak — Watch DWAC

We're still watching our YOLO play on Digital World Acquitition Company (DWAC), the stock now tethered to TRUTH, Donald Trump's new social media platform. It's either going to be a total loss or a big win. 

Well, former President Trump is slated to speak on TRUTH at 4:30pm EST. Anything could happen. Grab some popcorn and watch the ticker! 

Another Wild Day in the Market

Another one for the books ... so many great ideas from the premarket prep. Make sure to check out the video!

LCID Moves According to Plan

Lucid Group Inc. (LCID) finally made the move I had been looking for since the last time it hit 29 a few weeks ago. Its return to 29 gave us a perfect opening to get long from the premarket prep.

Sure enough, it ripped right up from 29.   Whether you bought stock or call options, you couldn't have lost. Congrats to everyone who pounced on it!


Amazon (AMZN) reports earnings tonight. Depending on how it plays out, some opportunity may emerge overnight and trigger some fun action tomorrow. If AMZN gaps up, we think GOOG will too. Stay tuned!

Member Trade of the Day

David_P takes the prize today, up a whopping 30.25% on his account thanks to that SHOP rip.

Honorable mention goes to an Edumomo member in his sixth month with the community. He didn't want to be mentioned by name ... but he confided to me that he made $74,000 off of this week's trading alone! 

I love it — Edumomo members are making big moves for their future, their legacy.


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