November 24

Momo Market Roundup, 11/24/2021 — TSLA Flips Instead of Flops


Reversal of Fortune on TSLA

Elon Musk is selling more of his Tesla (TSLA) shares, and we thought it was time for another short setup. We entered a trade on that thesis ... and boy were we wrong! Instead of slipping, TSLA ripped up over 1100 within the first two hours of the trading day and stayed there all day long.

Fortunately, we had just done a class last night on flipping directions, and several Edumomo members were able to put that to practical use. At least one turned a $1k loss into a $2k+ win. Never a dull moment ... 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Per hour plans, we stopped trading early in the day (remember, you only really need the first two hours) and we will be taking Thursday and Friday off. No watchlist until next week.

I want to wish everyone an amazing Thanksgiving. For my part, I'm thanking for the opportunity to share my insights and my passion with this amazing community. Thank you!

Member Trade of the Day

Edumomo member ryu2 was able to reverse his TSLA strategy to end the day 3.5% ahead in his account. Way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, ryu2. 


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