Momo Market Roundup, 12/22/2021 — TSLA, MSFT, and More Great Setups 

 December 22, 2021

By  spectre_trades

SPY opened up rejecting our 464 watchlist level, then consolidated and held VWA_ — our favorite! We went long on the 464 calls between $0.70 and $1. The rocketed up to $2.75. Awesome!

Gap Up, Then Dips on TSLA

All eyes were on Tesla (TSLA) this morning as it gapped up past 960. We were ready to take some profit on our swings, and then hopefully get long again on the dips.

Well, the watch paid off. TSLA dipped right into our 960 watchlist level. The 1000 calls went from $4 to over $20 at the 1017 test before the morning was over. Great play.

Sleeping Giant MSFT Reawakens

Microsoft (MSFT) finally showed some strength, quickly reclaiming the 326 watchlist level in the morning and claiming VWAP shortly after. The 327.5 calls went for a low of $1.24 up to a high of $4.70. Boom.

Gap-Up Reversal on KMX

CarMax (KMX) gave us one of our favorite setups — gap-up reversal. Once if failed to move higher it was time to get short via commons for a move all the way from 142 to 130. 

Last Trading Day Before Xmas

Tomorrow is the last trading day before Christmas. We expect light volume. Let's see if it works in our favor or not. We will probably keep it light after today's fat successes, though. It's been a great day!

Member Trade of the Day

Edumomo member Ryu2 takes the cake again, up 10% from his TSLA swing from yesterday. Legend.


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