January 4

Momo Market Roundup, 1/3/2022 — New Year, Big Moves in the Market


TSLA Takes Off

Well ... 2022 is only three days old, and Tesla (TSLA) decided to go parabolic. With a big beat on deliveries, we could see all-time highs in the run-up to Q4 earnings.

If you took 1180 calls on the morning dips, you could have bought them for $20 and sold them as high as $37.

AMZN On Fire

Amazon (AMZN) finally showed some signs of life today, clearing 3400 under a fair volume of weekly call buying. We're watching for a push to 3500 this week.

The 3400 calls went as low as 14 in the morning dips. If you wanted for it to reclaim the watchlist level, you could have snagged them at $16.50 and watched them shoot up as high as $46. 

Going Long on AAPL's $3 Trillion Day

Apple (AAPL) wasn't on our watchlist today, but it made the push into a storied $3 trillion market capitalization. If you grabbed 180 calls at the VWAP dip in the morning, you could have paid $1.75 for them and sold them for $3.85 at the highs.

Semi Volatility = Wait and See

Semiconductor stocks showed some signs of life, but also a lot of volatility. NVIDA Corp (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) bot pushed nicely in the morning, only to pivot into sell mode. NVDA is holding nicely at our 300 watchlist level ... it's one to watch for tomorrow.

AMC Finally Collapses

AMC Entertainment (AMC) is finally showing some signs of breaking down. If it closes under 27, we could see 24 this week. Perfect opportunity for a short off the 28 watchlist level. 

WOLF At the Table

Wolfspeed (WOLF) got upgraded recently and made some power moves today. If you grabbed commons off the dip at the 114 watchlist level, you could have watched it with satisfaction as it climbed all the way to 120. Nice gains!

SPY Is Back, and we're Playing Both Sides

We were watching SPY to reclaim its all-time high sin the morning, but it didn't come to be. In fact, it gave us a nice sell, just shy of our 478 watchlist level.

You had opportunities to play this one both ways — either going short from the 478 level, or going long when it quickly reclaimed the 475 level. God, it's nice to see some volume back in the market.

Member Trade of the Day

Edumomo member Benassi started off 2022 on the right foot, finishing the day by 10:30am up 23% mostly due to TSLA calls, with an assist from Xpeng (XPEV) calls and Lucid Group (LCID) puts. That is how we do it!


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