February 9

Momo Market Roundup, 2/9/2022 — Long-Awaited Long Plays on COIN, FB, NVDA, AMG, and CMG


SPY gapped up massively, and amazingly every dip got bought up. Very little profit-taking ... mostly a day of consolidation. 

CPI data comes out tomorrow. Let's see if we get a risk off into close or if the market is shrugging off the potential inflation data. Tomorrow might get exciting ... 

COIN Fills the Gap

Coinbase (COIN) finally started to fill some of the gap we've been seeing. If you grabbed the 210 calls at the 208 watchlist level, you could have snagged them for $4.40 and sold them for $8.30 at the high of the day.


NVDA ended up with the rip of the day after some nice upgrades  with earnings due next week. It consolidated at the open right above our 253.5 watchlist level before finally building enough momentum to explode into a nice trend day. The 255 calls went for $4.20-$4.50 along that level and spiked as high as $12. Who doesn't love a 300% gain?

... Plus More Good Semiconductor News at AMD

Keeping pace with NVDA, American Micro Devices (AMD) made it a good day for semis. If you grabbed AMD on the 128.3 watchlist level reclaim, the 130 calls went from $1.60 to $1.50 to just shy of $4. A perfect opportunity to play "Follow the Leader" to big profits.

FB Finally Bottoms Out

Could Meta (FB) have finally found its near-term bottom? Yesterday it tested our 217 watchlist level and then started a slow grind up. Once it held 225 this morning it was a nice low-risk long. The 230 calls were as low as $1.50 and made a nice grind up to $5 when it tested our 232 watchlist level.

Gorge on CMG

Burritos were also popular today, apparently. Chipotle (CMG) had earnings last night, and everyone seems to have found them delicious. It gapped up over 100 points. We looked for profit-taking in the early morning to get long. The 1600 calls were going for $6.50-$8.50 at our 1545 watchlist level; they went as high as $26!


Member Trade of the Day

Edumomo member Devudu traded SPY, AMZN, and CMG calls to end the day up 4%! Nice work. 


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