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Momo Market Roundup, 2/14/2022 — TSLA, AMZN, SPLK, and MRNA Show Us Some V-Day Love - EDUMOMO

Momo Market Roundup, 2/14/2022 — TSLA, AMZN, SPLK, and MRNA Show Us Some V-Day Love 

 February 14, 2022

By  spectre_trades

Happy Valentines Day! The market gave us a gift in the form of a gap down reversal on a lot of names. Better than flowers and chocolate. Here's what went down:

  • We took Tesla (TSLA) long at the open risking vs. the 850 break. Fantastic risk/reward. The 960 calls went from $25-$26 to a high of $50!
  • Amazon (AMZN) was a ripper as well right out the gate. If you grabbed it long on the retest of the previous day's close after the reclaim, you made out like a bandit. The 3150 calls went from $27 to a high of $67!
  • Splunk (SPLK) made the list after news of an offer from Cisco (CSCO). Initially there was a little dip, but it quickly reclaimed our 122.5 level and made a nice five-point move. Great stuff.
  • Moderna (MRNA) wasn't on the list, but some of the members called it out and most of the team jumped on it. It was a nice all-day seller right out the gate. If you got short on the push into VWAP and fail, you had a really nice day. The 150 puts were between $4-$5 at the call, and they went as high as $14.

SPY basically spent the morning consolidating under the 441.5 key watchlist level. Getting short vs. that level and risking to claim it would have been a great risk-reward. The 440 puts were going for as cheap as $1, and on the dip into our 436 level they reached $5. ABP — always be planning!

Member Trade of the Day

Edumomo member BDPaulie traded MRNA and Twilio (TWLO) to end the day up 6%!  Feeling the love yet?


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