Momo Market Roundup, 2/28/2022 — SPY Is VERY Confused… TSLA Factory News… PANW A Hackers Worst Nightmare… 

 February 28, 2022

By  spectre_trades

SPY Is Very Confused

SPY continues to be resilient… every gap down continues to get bought. If you got long vs 431 in the morning double bottom at 432 you were a very happy camper. You could have grabbed the 432C for about 2 bucks and they went to a high of 4.5. After we touched 438 we rejected and had some selling on negative war news and if you positioned vs 438 you also did really nice. 435P were 75 cents and went to a high of 4.74 at the 431 watchlist level.

TSLA Factory News

TSLA was on beast mode continuation from last week.  After a quick double bottom on the 815 watchlist level it took off in a rocket ship. You could have grabbed the 850C for a cool 13 bucks and they went as high as 38! I guess this is what occurs when you are set to double your production with new factories opening!

PANW A Hackers Worst Nightmare

PANW made its way onto the list after lots of threats of cyberattacks over the previous week. If you grabbed the dip into the 570 watchlist you could have taken the 600C for 5 bucks and they went as high as 11.. I expect we will see more action in the cyber security names.

Two Hour Trader Student(s) Results

Members BDPaulie and brand new member Lavazza finished the day up 11% and 18% respectively. Great work!


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