Momo Market Roundup, 3/16/2022 — $SPY Monster Gap Up… $TSLA Afternoon Crash… $BABA/$BIDU Chinese Stocks Are Risk On… 

 March 16, 2022

By  spectre_trades

Member Trade of the Day!

Doublestonks shared this in trade reviews.  Amazing work.  Planning is everything!   The 432 calls went from .20 to $3+ for over 10x gains!  Imagine turning $2k into $30k in less than 2 hours or 8 to 15k if scaling out as Doublestonks did.  I don't know what size he traded, if it was $200, $2k or $10k. At THT we aren't about how much money you made, we are about how well did you execute the plan because we know the money comes naturally with it.   We are also about continuous improvement.  After seeing his trade review, I gave him feedback on what could be improved on.   The great thing about the community is that it isn't just me providing feedback, everyone is working to lift each other up.

 Join us at THT to learn to plan trades like this and get constructive feedback on your trades too!

$SPY Monster Gap Up

SPY turned upside momentum on last night and gave us a nice 4 point gap up. It gave a nice slow grind in the morning before a nice big dip and then rip during the FED meeting. Lots of nice range today.  430P from .95 to 5… on the VWAP break right into our 425.5 level. If you took the risk and flipped long down there you got rewarded. The 430C moved from .25 to 5.7 into our watchlist level at the end of the day.

$TSLA Afternoon Crash

TSLA came down with the rest of the market in the afternoon… and we were ready to pounce on the retest of our 830 level.. Targeting 800 below.. And it went picture perfect. 800P quickly went from 7 to 16 in almost a blink of an eye. If you were quick you could have flipped long as well.

$BABA/$BIDU Chinese Stocks Are Risk On

Pretty much all Chinese stocks jumped on the positive news of government encouragement and less regulation on dual listings.. So we were met with a nice gap up in all of them. If you grabbed calls on BABA in the AM dip into our 88 level the move was awesome. 90C jumped from 2.5 to a high of 14 at our 104 watchlist level. BIDU pretty much followed the same pattern except we waited for the 125 level reclaim it squeezed all the way to 150 into the close. 130C did a quadruple going from 4.5 to just shy of 20.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Great results on a day with lots of volatility!


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