Momo Market Roundup, 3/18/2022 — $SPY Upside Continuation… $GME After Earnings Squeeze… $BABA Day 3 Upside… $QQQ Tech Rallies 

 March 18, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Upside Continuation

SPY had nice continuation right from the open this morning. It held VWAP all the way up to test our 441 level… as well as all afternoon. SPY 440 made the move from .9 to a high of 4.86 just shy of our 445 level.

$GME After Earnings Squeeze

GME had earnings last night… and they must have been enough to hold the stock together. Right at the open we got a nice little short covering squeeze. It opened above our 78 level and quickly broke several levels heading as high as 94.. it consolidated all afternoon and gave one last push into the end of the day. If you took the 90C at open they were as cheap as .25 and made am ove to 7.8!

$BABA Day 3 Continuation

BABA saw some nice upside momentum with the general market. It opened right above the previous days close and that triggered upside. It cleared our 105 and 110 level before going into consolidation mode towards the end of lunch. 105C was as cheap as .25-.5 and went as high as 6.75 or 5.73 at the watchlist level.

$QQQ Tech Rallies

QQQ has been on our list all week with SPY and for good reason. Tech has been pumping. If you were patient with this one you could have got long when it re-tested our 345 level. It was pure upside from there until it hit our 349 level. 345C ran from 1.7 to a high of 4.2 at our level above. If you held until the high of the day it reached 6.8!

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