March 21

Momo Market Roundup, 3/21/2022 — $SPY Powell Speaks Again… $Shop Volatile Day… $BABA Gap Down Continuation… $GME Provides More Action


$SPY Powell Speaks Again

The market opened with a monster pop after some overnight selling… only for it to give it all right back. We saw some recovery followed by consolidation as the market waited for Mr.Powell to speak and give his thoughts on monetary policy/inflation. What he had to say the market did not really care for as we dropped through two watchlist levels and VWAP in short order. If you grabbed the 445P during the break of the 445 level you got an awesome move from a dollar to a high of 4!

$SHOP Volatile Day

SHOP had tonnes of opportunity this morning, offering plays with great risk reward in both directions. If you got short at the open vs our 705 level the 650P went from 9 to 28… or got long vs 657.5 on the reclaim the 700C moved like crazy from 12 to 37!

$BABA Gap Down Continuation

BABA gapped down slightly over the weekend opening under our 105 watchlist level.. It tried to rally and reclaim in the morning action but with the market dropping after that magnificent rally it had little chance. If you snagged the 100P on the failure they quickly ended up ITM and you made some quick cash. A quick double.. From 2.2 to 4.6!

$GME Provides More Action

GME decided to stay on our radar after all the action last week.. And good thing too. It provided an early morning dip right into our 90 watchlist level. It proceeded to rocket quickly to 98 before selling off. 95C moved like wildfire from 3 to 6 in no time at all.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Nice solid consistent gains by members.  Keep up the good work!

Premarket Prep Highlights

Learn how you could have traded the premarket commentary and levels!


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