March 23

Momo Market Roundup, 3/23/2022 — $SPY Buyer Exhaustion… $TSLA Continuation!… $GME MEME Mania!… $BABA Upside Continues —


$SPY Buyer Exhaustion

SPY has ran like crazy from the most recent lows and it appears it is taking a bit of a break. If you got short on the 447 level break you caught a nice clean 2 point move. 445P moved from .44 to a high of 1.2 at our 445 level!

$TSLA Continuation

TSLA has been running like crazy, perhaps due to the opening of their newest factory. We were looking for continuation today and we got it in spades. It made a nice 50+ point move from the open before finally selling off with the Nasdaq. 1000C ran from 14-15 to a high of 45++. Insane. We love when TSLA is on the move.

$GME MEME Mania!

GME continues to stay on our list as its offering a ton of range and opportunity. Especially with the afterhours squeeze last night. If you got long vs our 132 watchlist level and rode it to 148… you are very happy. 135C moved from 9 to a high of 20. We love a good double.

$BABA Upside Continuation

After months of not being able to convince anyone to buy Chinese tickers they are now buying them hand over fist. BABA has had great momentum and when it moves it can really move. Getting long vs 114 offered great risk reward and it went just a point or two shy of our 125 level.. Spectacular day! 120C from 1.4 to a high of 5.8!

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Great work everyone!


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