April 1

Momo Market Roundup, 4/01/2022 — $SPY Downtrend Delight… $W Gap Down Reversal… $GME Sell City… $AMZN Pop And Drop


$SPY Downtrend Delight

SPY opened just under our 453.5 level which is a great risk reward short. It paid well as long as you held through the morning consolidation. 454P was as cheap as 1.8 and moved to near 5 bucks before we saw some rally into the end of the day.

$W Gap Down Reversal

W had some downgrades overnight which caused a slight gap down but the market had other ideas. If you grabbed some commons long on the reclaim of our 107 level risking to the low of the day you got a solid 4 point move. Great little payday going into the weekend with proper risk reward.

$GME Sell City

GME was one of our favorite setups. The all day seller. It opened under VWAP and never reclaimed it all day. It made it through two of our levels and gave us some nice bank. 180P from 4.5 to a high of 23!

$AMZN Pop And Drop

AMZN rallied in the morning after a brief sell program. It went right to our 3320 watchlist level, for the opportunity to get short. It then proceeded to make a 50 point move. AMZN contracts are cheap on Fridays and we took advantage. 3300P from 10 bucks to 41!

Two Hour Trader Student Results

What a great way to end the week. Everyone was loving the volatility in the market with the nice clean momentum to the downside.

Member Trade Of The Day

Member JiLongQua crushed AMZN after embracing the process and ending the week strong. Keep up the great work! Come learn how to trade like this at; www.edumomo.com/tht


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