Momo Market Roundup, 4/04/2022 — $SPY Slow Grind… $TSLA Delivery News… $BABA China Audits… $TWTR Elon Musk 10% Stake 

 April 4, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Slow Grind

SPY opened just where Friday ended for the most part and we got a nice slow grind. Which is great when you are playing other momentum names. SPY 455C from .41 to a high of 1.2 before the lunch hour retracement.

$TSLA Delivery News

TSLA had another blowout quarter even with all the supply chain disruptions. We will chalk that up as a win for the bulls. Once TSLA consolidated and broke over our 1085 watchlist level the upside momentum was on. 1100C from 24… to 57! Great start to the week!

$BABA Chinese Audits

BABA… The Chinese stocks had good news and gapped up. They are going to open their books to auditors to  keep the companies listed. This is bullish and the stocks reacted this way giving us a nice run. They reclaimed our 114 watchlist level and pushed right into our 117 level for a nice win. 115C from 3 to a high of 5!

$TWTR Elon Musk 10% Stake!

Elon bought shares of TWTR presumably to earn a seat on the board and help protect free speech. TWTR rallied very nice after a little morning profit taking. It hit multiple levels. 50C 1.19 to 3.2! This is a good name to watch for potential continuation.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Member ryu2 crushed it by being patient and letting the trade work out. Great job!


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