Momo Market Roundup, 4/05/2022 — $SPY Volatility Returns… $TWTR Musk Board Seat… $RH Monster Gap Up… $NVDA All Day Seller 

 April 5, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Volatility Returns

What a wild one today. The morning was tricky as QQQ was selling and SPY was rallying… Good thing we have encountered this before and knew to start shorting pops into our levels. We ended the day just a few cents above our 449.2 level. 455P 1.7 to 5.3

$TWTR Musk Board Seat

This morning news came out about Musk actually obtaining a seat on the board so we opened with a huge gap up.. But due to market weakness it brought up our favorite setup again! Gap Up Reversal! 52P from the open went from 1.5 to just shy of 3 bucks. A nice double!

$RH Monster Gap Up

The CEO exercised options and Dan Brown doubled his position today.. So RH had a monster move up overnight… I am glad we have kept it on the list the past week. Some of our members were swinging calls on it and they sure banked!! If you wanted to join in today.. Easy peasy. Just wait for one of our levels and weigh the risk reward. It gave a nice dip into the 345 level for a chance to scoop commons long risking vs LOD. It then proceeded to move 15 points… not bad for a few bucks risk!

$NVDA All Day Seller

NVDA… It sure was weak today… It doesn’t help the Nasdaq dropped 300+ points either. I called out NVDA puts to both rooms around 10:30 EST and they sure padded everyone’s wallets. We scored them for between 2 and 3 bucks and ran to an easy 6! Definitely will keep on watch tomorrow for continuation.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Tg777 definitely CRUSHED IT with that RH swing. Great work!!

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