Momo Market Roundup, 4/06/2022 — $SPY Risk Off… $AMZN Fast Mover… $NVDA Great Swing… $AAPL Afternoon Bounce 

 April 6, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Risk Off

SPY… We had a nice sell program overnight on SPY/QQQ.. Perhaps a risk off into the FED meeting today. We saw some continuation and then basically consolidation until 2PM. After 2PM wild moves occurred as per usual. Lots of opportunity but you needed to be quick. If you took the safe play in the morning and got short vs our 447.25 level.. You scored a solid 2 points. We love consistent growth over reckless gains… but we will definitely play both. 457P 1.6 to 3.2!

$AMZN Fast Mover

AMZN is a great target when we are in sell mode. It moves quickly and aggressively. It broke our 3230 level in the first few minutes and continued down to break a few more.. Before finding support just a few points above our 3150 level. 3200P 19 to 57.

$NVDA Great Swing!

We swung NVDA puts on general weakness and they sure paid today. We got them yesterday (260P) between 2 and 3… they opened at 10 and ran to a high of 20!

$AAPL Afternoon Bounce

AAPL sold hard with pretty much all of tech overnight and in the morning.. But it gave us a nice dip into our 170 level to try a long position. The risk reward was definitely right. If you held it into the FED meeting you were greeted with a big pop. It moved up a few levels before retracement right between two of them. 170C almost doubled from the lows going from 2 to 3.8.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

All of our members have been through multiple FED days... so we were prepared to be patient.


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