Momo Market Roundup, 4/11/2022 — $SPY CPI Risk Off… $SHOP Split City… $TSLA Sector Delays… 

 April 11, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY CPI Risk Off

The dreaded CPI comes out tomorrow… lets see what happens. We opened up with a gap down… got a bit more selling and then consolidation for the day until the final hour.  Not the most interesting.. But as long as you utilised the levels and planned you could have definitely did excellent. SPY 445P for 1.7 to a high of 5.24!

$SHOP Split City

It seems like stocks are splitting left and right.. Hmm. Could this be an omen of something bearish to come? It popped and dropped.. Reclaimed 600 and got a nice push into our level above. If you grabbed the 650C they were about 6 bucks and went as high as 12.8!

$TSLA EV Sector Delays

TSLA competitor NIO is struggling with manufacturing due to key parts and usually the EV sector is very interconnected. TSLA gapped down with the market and offered a nice bounce out of the gate vs our 975 watchlist level.. It moved quickly to a high of 1010 before return to reality. 1000C went from 16 to 29 in the first hour. In the afternoon it also offered nice short opportunity. 975P from 14 to 22.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

We had some morning chop and some of our members got caught in it... that is why we review and will focus on how to avoid this in our next live class!


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