Momo Market Roundup, 4/12/2022 — $SPY CPI Insanity… $SHOP Pop And Drop… $NVDA Quick Gains… 

 April 12, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY CPI Insanity

Well CPI came out today… and it was not good. Apparently the market initially thought it was “good” as it was in-line with expectations.. However it seems after the information was really digested it was not that superb. We had a rally in premarket followed by some profit taking at the open.. Which led to another rally and then nice seller for the day. If you got short on the double top at our 445 level you got paid.. Nicely! 445P from 2.4 to 8+ at the LOD. Awesome.

$SHOP Pop And Drop

SHOP ran right into our 640 level while the market was rallying for an excellent opportunity to get short.. And get short we did. 600P went from 4 bucks to a high of 20.. A nice 500% on a Tuesday. That is how we roll.

$NVDA Quick Gains

NVDA dropped right into our 220 level during the opening profit taking.. For a chance to snag a quick long entry. It almost went immediately back to our 228 level above for easy profits. 225C from 3.3 to 6!

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Great work everyone!

Student Growth

We are so proud of our students for using our methodology and applying it to themselves. This is what one member had to say the other day; 

This is what we personally want for each and every member at Edumomo. Please come learn with us.


Momentum Trader. Technical Chart Analyst. Always on the hunt for 3x or better reward to risk.

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