Momo Market Roundup, 4/13/2022 — $SPY Tech Rally… $BLK Morning Pop… $TSLA All Day Grinder… $JPM/GS Financial Bust 

 April 13, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Tech Rally

We had PPI data this morning and it was awful… and it caused tech to moon.. Which brought SPY along for the ride. We were also at a nice technical area for a potential bounce. No one knows if this will last.. But we just use risk reward to make our decisions. It tested our 438 level in the morning and trended higher all day. We love strong momentum. 440C from .86 to 4 bucks.

$BLK Morning Pop

We were watching BLK looking for downside continuation… but it held our 712 level in the morning. That means time to get long… If you grabbed shares risking 2 bucks you easily caught at least 20 points before reaching exhaustion.

$TSLA All Day Grinder

TSLA grinded higher all day with the rest of tech.. It gave us a nice opportunity to join long when it briefly lost and reclaimed our 975 level.. It then proceeded to go 3 levels higher giving us a tidy profit. 1000C was dirt cheap at 6 bucks and went as high as 30!

$JPM / GS Financial Bust

Financials JPM and GS were also on the menu today but they did not provide the momentum we were looking for. We will keep an eye on them into next week for potential setups. JPM earnings report did not sound good.. and GS is on deck.

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