Momo Market Roundup, 4/14/2022 — $SPY All Day Seller… $GS Pop And Drop… $TSM Volatile Drop… 

 April 14, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY All Day Seller

SPY gave us an early morning pop right close to our 445 level for a great risk reward short. It basically had no upside momentum all day.. Which is what we like. We love to position and let the trade work. 445P was as cheap as 1.54 and went as high as 7.61.

$GS Pop And Drop

GS had earnings and it seemed better than JPM’s.. So it had some early morning gains… but it very quickly gave it up with the market. Once it lost our 331 watchlist level it entered sell mode before finding support on our 320 level mid-day. 330P from 2 to 10 bucks.

$TSM Volatile Drop

TSM also had earnings and it opened with a small gap up.. But it basically followed the market. It had a little pop followed by a very quick drop. Notice how it tested our 104.5 level exactly for a low risk short. 102P was dirt cheap at the open going for .11 at the lows… they ended the day at 3.66. Great.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Good job A_A_Ron. He is keeping it simple and trusting the THT lifestyle.

Live Trades

One of our analysts constantly is putting out excellent risk reward trades. We love the sharing.


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