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Momo Market Roundup, 4/18/2022 — $SPY Volatility… $SHOP Afternoon Push… $AMZN Maximum Range… - EDUMOMO

Momo Market Roundup, 4/18/2022 — $SPY Volatility… $SHOP Afternoon Push… $AMZN Maximum Range… 

 April 18, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Volatility

SPY was fairly volatile today with QQQ… moving up and down between levels. The trend was strong and then weak. It continued doing this most of the day. It can be very frustrating when you are looking for strong momentum. You just need to pick your levels and focus on the risk reward. 440P vs the 439.5 level went from 1.6 to a high of 4.3!

We planned a trade live on voice with Student Julls taking SPY 438p from 0.9.  These hit 2.40+.  Best part, we planned exits at 1.80 and 2.30 when we got in.

Overall the SPY rangy moves gave multiple 200-500% reward vs risk trades today.

$SHOP Afternoon Push

SHOP was all over the place in the morning but came right into our 560 level right as lunch as ending. A great spot to get long with lots of potential upside. 600C from 6 bucks to a high of 14… we love a good double.

$AMZN Maximum Range

AMZN is always a great ticker to play when there is this up and down volatility. So many points in either direction. Just focus on nailing the entry and the rest takes care of itself. 3050C from 30 to 60!

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Regime has been crushing it lately! Keep it up!


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