Momo Market Roundup, 4/19/2022 — $SPY Bullish Momentum… $PLUG Walmart News… $TSLA Earnings Week 

 April 19, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Bullish Momentum

SPY had some selling last night after the end of day run… but as soon as the market opened it was ready for more. It gave us a nice strong directional trend… oh we love those. It made it through many of our levels and could definitely closed shop before noon as per plan. If you held all day you made a nice move from 438 all the way to 445. 7 points on SPY is great! 440C from 1.62 to 5.85 at the highs. Wow.

$PLUG Walmart News

PLUG.. have not seen that name in awhile. It has been out of the limelight while growth has been crushed the last several months. They had some positive news of a partnership with Walmart and we love catalysts. It opened with a little bit of profit taking but quickly reclaimed our 27 level to get long and it made a quick move to 28.2 above. Awesome. 28C from .44 to a .98. Easy 100%

$TSLA Earnings Week

Earnings is coming up on TSLA so we have been keeping an eye. TSLA always moves pretty nice but it can get especially crazy around deliveries and earnings. It gave us a great little dip into our 995 level to grab some long this am.. And then tore up anyone that was trying to short it. 1000C from 30 to a high of 51.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Great account growth by all! Compound this day over day... week over week and it becomes a huge deal!


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