April 27

Momo Market Roundup, 4/27/2022 — $SPY Inside Day… $BA Earnings Fail… $NFLX Continual Selling…


$SPY Inside Day

SPY had a crazy day yesterday and today was a consolidation day of sorts. Lots of rangy moves.. Going level to level multiple times in multiple directions. These days are tougher to play but as long as you stay focused on the process things usually turn out pretty good. SPY had a nice push in the morning into 421 for a fail to get short… or you could have grabbed long on the dip into 416. Both yielded great results as long as your risk reward was in check!

$BA Earnings Fail

BA had earnings in premarket and we opened with a gap down.. However the selling continued through out the morning to give us great gains. It opened right under the 162.4 watchlist level and fell flat on its face in short order… It didn’t quite meet our 140 target but 15+ points is good enough to help grow our accounts 10x every year!

$NFLX Continual Selling

NFLX continues to be on the chopping block.. We were thinking perhaps a bottom was found but apparently not. It popped close to our 202 level this morning and then sold off nicely during the first hour… just how we like it. If you risked a few bucks to reclaim of the level above you got a nice 10+ points in return.. Love good risk reward.

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Love seeing results before the first two hours are up! :)

New Addition; 1K Bets

We have begun preparing for a new addition to our trading room... details coming soon. BE READY!!


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