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Momo Market Roundup, 4/28/2022 — $SPY Relief Rally… $FB Gap Up Sell/Rally… $TDOC Destruction… - EDUMOMO

Momo Market Roundup, 4/28/2022 — $SPY Relief Rally… $FB Gap Up Sell/Rally… $TDOC Destruction… 

 April 28, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Relief Rally

SPY had some selling in the morning and it looks like perhaps we finally reached exhaustion for a nice trend day. You could have got long at lunch vs our 416 level below… and conquered 5 levels. That is awesome. Great day to have runners.

$FB Gap Up Sell/Rally

FB had earnings last night and I guess everyone was so bearish… when there was some semblance of good news.. It popped and rallied afterhours. We were looking to play the next day action.. And after the dip into 195 in the morning we got long. It managed to give us 10+ points which is what we are looking for.

$TDOC Destruction

TDOC is well off its highs from last year… and it’s doing very poorly. It may bankrupt poor Cathie at this rate. You could have played the intraday rally with the general market on the reclaim of the 30 watchlist level.. .it made a solid 4 points. Nice 1:3 risk reward!

Two Hour Trader Student Results

A nice steady day. Great stuff.


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