May 31

Momo Market Roundup, 5/31/2022 — $SPY Morning Profit Taking… $AMZN Split Anticipation… $COIN Bitcoin Moves Higher


$SPY Morning Profit Taking

SPY had some nice moves up over the holiday.. And right at the open we went into profit taking mode. Near lunch we reclaimed our 412 level for a chance to get long. It moved nicely just slightly shy of our 417 level. Not a bad way to start the week. 415C .5 - 2.00

$AMZN Split Anticipation

AMZN has been grinding higher lately since the general market has stopped getting wrecked. Perhaps people are starting to anticipate the split and getting ready to pile in for it. AMZN dipped about 14 points shy of our 2300 level and moved much higher from there. 2400C 26 - 70+

$COIN Bitcoin Moves Higher

COIN had a gap up after the weekend bitcoin action.. But it quickly turned into a profit taking session. Our 82.2 level provided an excellent opportunity to short off multiple times… netting us 8+ points each time. 80P 2.65 - 6.00

Two Hour Trader Student Results

Great start to a new week!


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