Momo Market Roundup, 6/02/2022 — $SPY Gap Down Reversal… $QQQ Huge Moves… $TSLA 800 In Sight… 

 June 2, 2022

By  spectre_trades

$SPY Gap Down Reversal

SPY gapped down just slightly after some negative MSFT guidance related news… however it ended up being a great opportunity for everyone to get long. We held the previous days lows and ended up grinding higher all day. 4100 SPX calls moved from 8 to a high of 75!!

$QQQ Huge Moves!

QQQ rallied with the SPY and it cleared some big levels. Basically anyone that got short into the bad news was met with extreme pain. 310C 1.1 - 4.75+

$TSLA 800 In Sight

TSLA also cranked with the rest of the market pushing nearly all the way to 800. Once we reclaimed 748 it was go time. Depending on your risk tolerance you could have also joined long at the open but there was quite some room to the level below.. Better to wait for confirmation. Sometimes it is better to pay a higher price. 780C 5.5 - 20+

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