Trade Ideas for Week of 2022-09-06: $AAPL $SPY $META $NFLX 

 September 5, 2022

By  spectre_trades

Amazing Trades This Week!

Finding opportunity in the market mayhem

$SPY - 8/30 Dump


 Wed SPX 3950p on 402.60 break

Target 3920


0.30 Average Entry
0.00 Stops
$7.80 Last Exit

2600% ROR

$SPY  - 9/2 Day 2 Rally


400c for bounce off 396.50

Target  403-406


4 Average Entry
2 Stops
$2 Average Exit

-50% CV

$SPX - Bear Put Swing Update 


  SPX Oct 31 3700/3500

Vertical Puts for $10-13

Target 100-200


12 Average Entry
8 Stops
$39 current price

450% ROR 

(so far)

$NFLX - short vs 232 level


  NFLX  230p  

Target 224 or less


3.50 Average Entry
2.50 Stops
$5.50 Average Exit
($7 peak)

200% ROR

ROR: Reward over Risk        CV: Contract Value

(Disclosure:  Simulated Results based on Plans shared, Actual Execution and Results May Vary) 

Stocks I'm watching this Week

OVERALL THEME: Overall looking for rallies to get short with possible break of last week lows this week. If we rally/consolidate will be looking for consolidation action and triggered next leg in a week or two.

$META - watching for support break after long term consolidation


  • Bearish Engulfing Candle 
  • Possible 155 support break


if 155 breaks take 150 and 152.50p risk vs 156 reclaim. 

I might be early on watching this, but I want this on radar because on the day it breaks, I'm expecting a fast drop.

SPY - Looking for great risk/reward short entries on rallies.  May quickie scalp long.


  • Powell speaks on Wed before market open on 9/7
  • Last speech very hawkish rhetoric.  If any rally, expecting more hawkish statements
  • Fed reducing balance sheet from $35B to 90B in Sept


  • Powell speaking ahead of market may trigger major selling before open
  • with so much put flow, chance of short squeeze


Ideally get a push / retest of 400/406 level before next leg down.  Looking for strength to get short.  If 388/387 breaks could see 380 quickly, and if 380 breaks would expect to see 360 very quickly.  Overall I think 330 or less can come by end of Oct. 

NOTE:  We alerted and entered Oct 31 bear 3700/3500 vertical put at $10-13+.  over $38 now, do we get $200 in Oct?

AAPL - Sell the News on any rally from Apple event on Sept 7.


  • selling with market
  • large rally, and setup for multi week down trend
  • Often experiences sell the news behavior during event.


Will be watching for exhaustion on 9/7 for short entry.  

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