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Trade Ideas for Week of 2022-09-12: $SPY $META $NFLX $MDB $AAPL - EDUMOMO

Trade Ideas for Week of 2022-09-12: $SPY $META $NFLX $MDB $AAPL 

 September 11, 2022

By  spectre_trades

Amazing Trades This Week!

Finding opportunity in the market mayhem

$SPY - 390 failed breakdown reversal


 9/8 SPX 3950c on 392.60 hold

Target 3980


6.50 Entry
3 Stops
$30 Last Exit

830% ROR

$SPY  - 390P continuation


9/8 3900p for fail on 392.60

Target  380


6 Average Entry
4 Stops
$4 Average Exit

-33% CV

$SPY - Swing Short Closed, looking for reentry 


  SPX Oct 31 3700/3500

Vertical Puts for $10-13

Target 100-200


12 Average Entry
36 Exit

600% ROR 

looking to reload under $12

$TSLA - long on 281 reclaim


  TSLA  285C  

Target 295+


2 Average Entry
1 Stops
$5 Average Exit
($14 peak if swung)

300% ROR

1200% if swung

ROR: Reward over Risk        CV: Contract Value

(Disclosure:  Simulated Results based on Plans shared, Actual Execution and Results May Vary) 

Stocks I'm watching this Week

OVERALL THEME: Overall looking for gap up reversal and waiting on reaction to CPI data.  May position short 20% size ahead of numbers.

$TSLA - Testing 300 - Does it reclaim? 


  • looks like strong failed breakdown reversal 
  • reclaimed 200d sma


if 303 turns into support 305 target 310-314. over 315, target 330-345

Concerned about market, but if it decides to rally more, this could have nice moves.

$SPY - Looking to reposition short into rally started last week


  • CPI numbers per Cleveland by come in hot (opposite of market sentiment)
  • Short squeeze exhaustion from 390 bounce may trigger
  • Fed reducing balance sheet from $35B to 90B in Sept


  • Market reaction to CPI is unkown
  • reclaim of 50d sma.


410 Gap tested Sunday night.  Overall we could squeeze harder than many expect. technically the 50dma reclaim could bring money for upside.  Looking to short each key level, but might need to wait for catalyst which if right, could trigger multi day or week drop.

$MDB - if market strong does it fill gap?


  • selling with market
  • lowered guidance
  • shorts trapped


if holds over 274 will consider long for squeeze to fill gap otherwise, push fail and 270 rejected will consider swing short.

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