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Learn what many spend over 3 years or more to discover

"I developed systems and process so you can have the fastest path

to incredibly profitable trading in just 2 hours a day"

-- Spectre

Program Overview

Program Steps

Stage 1 - Getting Setup and Defining your Capital Growth Plan (1 week)

During the first week we focus on getting you setup to trade the way we do.  Spectre shares what software he uses, how he has them layed out and configured.  We also get you setup to access the THT Members only Discord during this week.  Finally before getting started we share our baseline capital growth plan for you to use as a template.

Stage 2 - Learn Process and Setups (2-4 weeks)

During this stage, you focus on learning our process, and the trade setups that we use to yield over 300% Reward over Risk.   You will also be given homework to begin improving your recognition skills of the setups and how to execute trades using out strategies.

Stage 3 -  Trading while focusing on Win Rate / Building Confidence (4-8 weeks)

Now that you know the setups, during this stage we want you to focus on getting you win rate up and building your confidence.  Remember we don't define it a win unless a minimum of 200% vs your risk is made.  Winning in our book isn't I didn't lose.  It means, you are planning and executing trades at a consistent level that matches the THT trading system.  It also means learning to trade much less but for much higher quality.

Stage 4 - Trading While Focusing on Sizing based on CGRM (2 weeks)

Now that you have your win rate up, it is time to work on learning the process we use for sizing and risk management.  It's up to you to adjust the system to fit your tolerances.  

Stage 5 - Growing Account using the THT Process (forever)

Trading, learning, and growing your account is a lifelong effort.  During this stage, it is time to prove to yourself you can grow your account and take profits out regularly.

Stage 6 - What's Next?

The Two Hour Trading system is meant to be one small component that enables you to unlock living the life you dream.  One part of that is building wealth and building income outside of your trading.  Join us during this stage as we look for and explore wealth building in life, health, and finance outside trading.

Weekly Classes

Without Faith, Can there be Success?Let's go over trade results based on the levels and look at charts in the week aheadCome

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Learn to Plan and Execute Trades better.We're going to go over recent charts, how to plan and execute the tradesWe're also going

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Latest Results from Two Hour Traders

    Coaching for High Networth Professionals

    This partnership could be for you.  I don't have the time to work with more 4 persons/month.  We will form a trading business together and your success also means my success.


    • One-on-One Personalized Training
    • Entries, Exits & Maximizing Positions
    • Pinpoint Major Trading Mistakes
    • Rules for Success
    • THT Money Management  Process
    • Direct Access to Spectre


    • Accredited Investors Only
    • 500k+ speculative trading account

    Course Content

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    Stage 1: Orientation and Setup
    Stage 2: Learn Process and Setups
    Stage 3: Trading While Focusing On Win Rate / Building Confidence

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