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Get Access to the Daily Momentum Watchlist, Proprietary Levels & Pre-Market Trade Plans that the Edumomo Team uses every day to find some of their most profitable trades!

What Can You Expect From The Edumomo

Daily Market Edge Subscription?

Not only do you get a Daily Momentum Watchlist to focus on the stocks hand picked for momentum moves, you'll also get our proprietary levels with each watchlist ticker to guide your trading. We then take it a step further to give you our pre-market trade plans for these tickers, doing as much as we can to minimize your daily work.

Daily Momentum


Every day you'll get the list of stocks the Edumomo Team are watching to profit from. We find by focusing on the stocks identified for momentum moves with our proprietary levels we are able to make outsized returns.

Proprietary Levels

& Code

Each stock is analyzed for the levels being watched to consider entering or exiting a trade. No need to draw levels on your chart! Simply copy and paste code for Think or Swim / Trading View. Saves hours each week!

Pre-Market Trade


Receive Atul's Pre-Market Trade Plans daily and join him in the planned trades on the watchlist tickers. The trades are planned around momentum moves with great risk reward opportunity.

Maximize your time trading and minimize the effort

required for pre-market research.

Here’s what others say about trading with the Edumomo Daily Market Edge:

Trading has becoming so much easier. I just wait for stocks to get to the levels and trust the process Spectre teaches.  I'm always amazed at his insights on how stocks move and how often stocks hit his levels.


Thanks spectre for your watchlists. I played today a lot different, loaded up your list, watched NVDA like a hawk, bought on two dips and sold on two highs, for my best gains all week.


I have been trading with the watchlist for the past 8 weeks. I know what stocks to look at plus when to open, close trades and where to place stops. This has been a true game changer. 


Edumomo Daily Market Edge 

Subscription (individual use pricing)









Want to see an example of what you get?

Sept 28 2022

 Be sure to watch the first 9 minutes of the prep video

What happened this day?

  • SPY dipped 363 and held and rallied right to 370-372 area
  • 10 Contracts bought for $600 and held for 370.50 target could be sold for $3000+ by end of day with $4200 peak.

Atul, CEO & Founder (aka Spectre) – Atul founded Edumomo and the Two Hour Trader framework after going through the same experiences and struggles most traders have with consistency, patience and confidence. Atul brought together his ability to find great risk/reward trades & understanding levels with his knowledge and experience from his prior successful consulting career to develop a process and program to produce repeatable results. Once you see the levels work for yourselves you may think I’m a fortune teller.