About Spectre

Why trading?

I was making great money doing consulting work, but it required constantly moving and my upside was limited by the hourly rate negotiated and the time I spent.  So I decided to learn to trade stocks where my earnings was NOT limited by time I spent, but the quality of my efforts.

Started out losing…

I began my journey about 6 years ago.  It started with blowing up my account multiple times.  I was arrogant due to success in other work in my life.  I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars learning to trade because I didnt respect this as a business, that it required a whole different level of education, and thought it would be easy.

I’m one that has a hard time giving up anything I believe I can do.  So I kept at it, started small and really focused on figuring this business out.  Overall I’d say this business is 70% psychology and 30% technical.  At least that is where I found my personal challenges.  It was more in the psychology, developing patience, and trusting my analysis, and learning to manage money/risk.


Today I trade a blend of common shares and options in stocks.  I love finding option plays where I can gain 200-1000% on the capital risked.  That said folks that know me, know I love trading premarket and afterhours which requires common shares, and if I see great momentum and the options are not liquid, I will absolutely trade shares.  IF it moves and provides good risk reward, I love scalping for small gains — they add up.

I don’t want people to go through the same pain I went through to get to the other side.  So if there is a mistake to be done, I’ve done it.  Through all these experiences, I’ve developed a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t work.  I hope to share that with anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

On this site, you will find trade recaps, tutorials, and blog posts which I hope will help you on your journey into becoming a successful trader.

If you are a new or experienced trader I hope to hear from you.  I can be found as a moderator at Blackbox Stocks.

Is Spectre really your name?

No my parents don’t have a dark sense of humor.    Spectre is the handle I used in games for a very long time and well it just stuck and before I knew it I was using it in trading chat rooms.  

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