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Black Box Free Trials are currently by invitation only and doesn’t require a credit card or any commitment.

The FREE trial gives you complete access to Black Box Services for 1 week, starting on a Monday and ending Friday.  This includes:

  • Black Box Member’s Site, where you can see option flow, alerts, trade on the fly news, and more
  • Access to Black Box Server on Discord, where you can hear us talk about stocks and options throughout the day
  • Access to an Algo Driven Twitter Feed on the best option flow.

To access the free trial, click the link below, join discord, and be sure to tell them spectre sent you.

Get Free Trial

Once you sign up for discord and join the black box server, you will be placed in #waiting-room. Someone from black box will be in touch.  Once they approve your trial be scroll down and find #bbschat.  That is the main chat area.   Then find BBS CC and click on that, and it will connect you to the voice channel where you can join in the conversation.  And don’t forget to send me a direct message in discord to say hi!

One more note…   Just remember to trade with good risk/reward and let us know you are a trial member if you hop on voice.  The black box team loves to help new members having winning first trades!