Building Better Traders

We provide tools, services, and training to help people trade the stock market with success

Plan Entries and Exits

The watchlist with levels can you help you plan trades, identify entries, define risk/reward, and where to sell.

Trade only 2 Hours a Day

Imagine learning a process where you can earn more than a full day, week or month's pay in just 2 hours.

Grow with our Community

Our community is very focused on supporting each other, identifying and executing great risk/reward trades.  

What we do

We give traders tools, process, and support

Becoming a better trader doesn't happen by accident. It comes through deliberate action, being process oriented, and finding the support you need.  We provide the tools, services, and training to help you become a better trader.

Our Services

Watchlist and levels

Spectre starts his day at 4:00am every day so you don't have to.  Leverage his years of experience in identifying stocks that will move and what price levels matter.  Its' absolutely uncanny how often his levels are met.  Think of this as your roadmap for trades.

Learn More...

Two hour trading community

Process and Psychology.  Imagine being with traders who are focused on making the most out of trading two hours a day.  Where each day is not about taking every trade opportunity but planning and executing on trades that give you outsized reward.  Our goal is to grow accounts by 1% daily but it isn't uncommon for members to grow 6-10% using our process. Learn more...

12 Week coaching Program (in development)

For those that want a structured training program and process.  We've developed a 15-20 hour a week training program to help you become a better trader.  Our goal is to reduce the typical 3 years of experience needed to get to becoming a consistent trader to 3-6 months. Learn more...

why we do it

We’ve been there

Spectre was always able to find great risk/reward trades but struggled with consistency and rookie issues for years until he decided he needed to get organized, focused, and build a process.  He knows what traders are experiencing and struggling with because he more than likely has already been there.   

His solution?  Developing a process that works consistently while reducing the time needed to trade.  

-- The watchlist and levels come from Spectre's daily process to support his own trading.

-- The trade plans come from identifying great risk/reward trade setups early and avoiding chasing candles/FOMO.

-- Community comes from the need for more eyes to identify our very specific opportunities and have mental and emotional support 

-- The coaching program because there is a reason structured learning exists.  It works. Both knowledge and practical experience is needed to accelerate becoming a better trader.

We want to bring innovation

We didn't stop at just providing a list of tickers and what levels to watch.  We developed code that can bring the levels into ThinkorSwim or TradingView, saving what could take 30 minutes of manually drawing levels each day.  That is time better spent getting mentally prepared for trades.

The THT community has access to additional tools and training.

We both use and promote Blackboxstocks, a best in class  option flow and dark pool data source.

In every aspect of trading and our services, we want to bring innovation to help build better traders.

The innovation work doesn't stop. In coming months you will see more tools/services released.


What our members say


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