How to Whitelist Edumomo Emails

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What does it mean to whitelist an email?

When someone sends you an email, your email (such as Gmail) analyzes the email’s data and contents to figure out what to do with it.

This system is vital for protecting us against dangerous spam and phishing attempts. You’ve probably noticed, however, that there are more categories than just spam and not spam.

Gmail, for instance, now automatically places certain emails into their Promotions and Social tabs. Emails from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn go into the Social tab, while most email marketing campaigns find their way into the Promotions category.

When you whitelist the email, this ensures the email shows up in your Primary Inbox rather than other tabs. You’ll also get a notification on your device or desktop when you receive an email in your Primary Inbox, unlike emails that go into the Promotions category.

How to whitelist Edumomo emails in your Gmail inbox.

1) Login to Gmail, click on the gear icon and select “Settings”:

2) Select “Filters and blocked addresses”



Move the sidebar downwards and select “Create a new filter“:


4) Put “” in the “From” field to make sure you get emails from Edumomo.


5) Check the “Never send to spam” box and click “Create Filter”. Emails from Edumomo  will now be whitelisted!