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  • Let's first answer some questions you might have about the commmunity

Hi, I'm Spectre and I'm a momentum trader.  I have over 10,000 hours of screen time studying/analyzing/predicting how stocks will move.  I've been publishing a daily watchlist since 2019.  

" I'm here to help build you into a better trader. "

I want to make more money, don't you?

I've developed a consistent trading process, but want to take advantage of more trading opportunities.  This is where you come in.  I thought to myself, if I teach others the concepts behind my trading, they would also be able to identify and share great risk/reward trades.    They can watch for momentum and I can help them define risk/reward, and if I like the trade I'll join it.  It's great team effort.

But it isn't an overnight solution! I decided to invest my time and energy into traders who are tired of the same problems I had when I was on my journey to discover a trading process.  I want to share my process with you.

So let's get into it.

What's the difference between this and any other alert service?

Good question. Simply put,  the Two Hour Trading community is  NOT an alert service.   

 I want to teach YOU to fish. This is a service that caters to your trading growth by teaching you the process I use to identify excellent set ups, the psychology behind entering and exiting and most of all to NOT over-trade using my methodology.

There are alerts aka "trade ideas" (not to be taken as financial advice) that typically include stop loss suggestions, targets, EXITS and often includes the psychology for the reasoning behind entering and exiting a trade. Many are trading using these ideas to more than pay for their membership while they learn.. The alerts have been pretty phenomenal but again the focal point is to get every member to analyst level where they can consistently identify and execute excellent risk/reward trades on their own, and share trade ideas too.  I believe we've developed an educational approach to trading which is a win/win for all the members.   If you trade using our processes, you'll soon come to discover you are using less capital for more return, but what do you do with the rest of the capital. That is where the community comes in.  There are many great trade setups but not enough eyes and quick thinking to share those trading plans.  By developing a community that understands a common process, that can define great risk/reward plans, more capital can be put to work.  Where one normally would take 2 trades a day, they might take 4 trades for the day because of other community members sharing  great risk/reward trade ideas.

"Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance." (Bruce Lee)

What will I learn?

  • The power of 1% and appropriate sizing. 
  • Risk/reward and be systematic in regards to entries and exits.
  • Become better versed with support and resistance.
  • Escape the "crutch" of being dependent on a ton of indicators and learn to trade with simplicity.
  • Learn about time frames that work in your favor and time frames that don't work in your favor.
  • Learn what indicators we use in our trading and why.
  • How to trade the watchlist.
  • Why/when you should stop trading for the day

You will learn much much more, as I share my thoughts on what is happening in the market and why.  The big problem I had, was I didn't know about price action.  I thought in terms of black and white and absolutes.  You will learn how to read price action.  Won't come overnight, but the more you see us do it, the better and faster at it you will become.

"The Capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." (Brian Herbert).

Have you ever taken a trade at high of day thinking it was going to keep going?   I use to get wrecked on that when I was starting out.  I'll be teaching you about why that happens and how to plan for it.

How will I learn?

You will learn through practical experience, watching videos, and daily tasks/exercises and more.

Discord Voice

Trade Review Videos

Following exercises/homework

Think of this opportunity like playing alongside your favorite musician, professional, or athlete and you are allowed to listen to their thinking while they do what they do. Over time you will naturally improve on your good habits, reduce or omit some bad habits and innately be molded into someone whom is consistently displaying good habits.

I don't have a 50k account, can I still join? 

  • Are you coachable?. 
    If you have too much pressure, such as down to your last bucks, major losses and panicking to make the money back.  If so, you probably aren't a fit.   If on the other hand, you recognize you might not be at 50k, but you believe in yourself and are willing to follow the process and size appropriately, and are able to take instruction and turn it into something positive, I'd love to talk to you.
  • Do you have outside income? Trading can be mentally and financially draining, especially while learning.  Many of our members trade 2 hours and then work their regular jobs.  I highly recommend this approach for many reasons I get into in the program.
  • Are you willing to commit 6 months? Becoming a profitable and consistent trader takes time.  We've had members double their accounts inside a month, but that doesn't mean you are consistent yet.  It takes time build good regular habits and learn to trade through different market conditions.

What is the investment toward my education?

First you must ask yourself what is the "cost" of you doing nothing and remaining as you are. How much have you lost or "missed" due to under-sizing, over-sizing, not knowing where to enter and when to exit, letting losers run, scalping winning trades, and Especially being out of position and Over-Trading!

"Invest in yourself in your education. There is nothing better." (Sylvia Porter).

This is an investment vs a cost.

When evaluating the price of the THT program or any other program ask yourself the following:

  • Will what I learn accelerate my development process?  
  • Do I want to spend 2-4 years figuring things out on my own?  
  • How much is my time worth?
  • Will what I learn help prevent me from making one bad trade a month that is more than the cost of the program?
  • Will the program help me learn to find trade opportunities where I will make more that 5 times the investment within a year?

I have students that are profiting 3-5 figures a day.  They have phenomenal ROI's.  But the most important ROI is learning lifetime knowledge, skill and habit as a trader you can take with you forever.

Continue to find out the different pricing options.

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** Past performance is not indicative of future results.  Momentum Trading is inherently risky.  We can not guarantee results and performance is highly individually dependent.





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