Road Map

We will be adding new content and capabilities as we grow. Here are the current items on the Road Map

  • Weekly Training Videos covering different topics and trades setups.
  • Spectre Signals — A semi automated trade signal system that will calculate risk reward and position sizing on alerts.
  • Meditation Audio Channel – To help members get focused/stay focused throughout the day
  • Fitness/Workout Programs — Its important to build discipline and strengthen mind and body to help your own trading and deal with stress
  • Bi monthly Travel Events — We trade to live – I’d like to incorporate trips so we can all get to know one another better.  I want to build a community of life long friendships
  • Affiliate Program -As we grow, I want to reward each member that brings more members
  • A Ranking System to allow members to graduate to gain additional discord privileges and status
  • Swing Trading Plays — Long term trade ideas to park retirement funds in.