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Who is the 2 Hour Trader Program For?

  • Those with accounts of $50K or more and have traded options directionally
  • Those that are tired of taking trade alerts and not understanding why they work or don’t work
  • Those who are tired of overtrading
  • Those who want to trade for 2 hours, make a living, and enjoy life outside trading
  • Those who want to learn how to identify and take great risk/reward trades
  • Those willing to invest 2 hours a day for 1 year to improve their trade skills, join and be a part of an improvement focused trading community
  • Those with income outside trading and do not need to trade to pay the bills
  • Understands risk/reward.  Is it worth investing in education and 1 year to improve your trading skills to the level where you may make over 10 times what you invested in the education each year, each month?

Who is the 2 Hour Trader Program not for?

  • Brand new traders that don’t know what an option is
  • You’ve blown up your account and are down to your last bucks
  • Those who want to complain about the past trades vs learning how to trade better
  • Those unwilling to reduce their trading to just 2-5 trades a day
  • Those that do not value the time, energy, and coaching of seasoned traders
  • Those who do not value education over alerts
  • Those looking for a get rich quick scheme

What is the 2 Hour Trader Program?

  • We identify great risk/reward trades in the first 2 hours of the day
  • We teach foundational skills for how stocks move in a day
  • Our goal is to help members generate 1% or more gains consistently.  Read The Power of 1%: Why the turtle wins the race.
  • We conduct trade reviews where seasoned traders help members improve on their trades
  • We discuss trades as they are developing and evaluate risk/reward
  • We help traders develop self confidence, risk/reward thinking, and trade plans
  • We promote health, wellness, service, and community.  Trade for 2 hours and then go live life!



Moe of New Jersey, Dec 2019

Trading with Spectre has been a very rewarding experience and has led to my immense growth as a trader in multiple ways. Few aspects of trading which lot of newbies don’t appreciate are patience, discipline, risk/reward and the overall big picture of the overarching trend. Here are my thoughts on how Spectre helped me understand these areas better:

  1. Patience- Spectre taught me to wait for the right entry, not jump in on impulses as I would do so previously. In the heat of moment, we forget that retracements do occur, and we need to wait for them instead of entering trades impulsively. If you miss your initial entry, you can wait for a retracement to support/resistance area to enter or wait for reversal to occur to trade the other direction.
  2. Discipline – Spectre taught me to only trade the best set ups and only at certain time frames as opposed to over trading for 8 hours of the day. One needs discipline not to jump in every trade out of boredom or trade during low volume time frames, such as lunch time.
  3. Risk/Reward – Everyone buying calls at High of Day or puts at Low of Day should really consider what their risk/reward is before clicking the buy button. Is a reward of 10 cents worth it against risk of $1? Definitely not, and this is another area where traders need to build good habits and try to quantify what they tend to make vs what they can lose if the trade goes against them.
  4. Big Picture – I used to trade solely off of 1 min chart and chase candles, where as the key is to look at bigger time-frames such as hourly or daily to get a feel for the bigger trend. You don’t want to be fighting the overall trend for mini scalps, you want to join the trend at opportune times for the bigger gains. You want to trade for dollars, not cents. These are my genuine thoughts on my trading journey with Spectre and I am confident you too will find value added to your trading strategies if you choose to learn from him.

My account is climbing high.
Show over 150% account growth in 1 month

— Moe, Dec 2019

Erin of Texas, Jan 2020

After trading with various trading groups over the last 2 years and being disappointed, I was at a point where I had decided that I would just trade on my own. It seemed that the only one doing well in those groups were the people running them. I finally realized that blindly copying someone else’s trades was NOT the way to trade…. And would only lead to losses. Why? Because how can you follow a trade when you don’t understand the reason you entered into it?

When a friend of mine suggested we try Edumomo, I believed it would be a complete waste of time (based on experiences in other groups). I was already a profitable trader, though not making the money that I knew I should. My trading had become stagnant and I was no longer growing. And to be completely honest, I had to make a lot of little gains to make up for the big losses I tended to make. It’s a very sloppy way to trade and I knew it. So yes, I was profitable. But, barely.

I tried Spectre’s group and in a short time, I knew I had finally found a place where I could grow my skills as a trader. Though I had the ability to find good trade setups and knew how to trade somewhat profitably, I had developed some really bad habits. My worst habit was entering too many trades for quick scalps for 5% gains without evaluating a longer term goal. Spectre asks us all the time – what is the risk/reward of that trade? If the risk/reward is not right, we don’t take the trade. We want to focus on high quality trades – quality over quantity.

I have gone from scalping for 5-10% gains to taking trades that have made over 100% and beyond. I frequently see Spectre and other members taking 200%-1000% gains – and yes, these trades are alerted to the room. And you know what’s crazy? They do this by trading only a few hours a day, taking only a small number of trades. In fact, Spectre does not want us trading outside of the first 2 hours of the trading day since risk typically goes up while reward typically goes down.

The Edumomo group is centered in a way that focuses on education. It’s not an alert service, though you do get alerts from Spectre and other members. Their goal is develop traders who don’t blindly follow trades, but learn to trade profitably on their own – and Spectre puts a lot of time into the group to make that happen. This group has a lot to offer for anyone that is willing to put in the effort to become a better trader.

— Erin, Jan 2020

Partner, Sept 2020

You don’t get into a trade because you like it, you get into the trade because of Risk / Reward. It’s the main philosophy of Edumomo. If you read this again you will realize how important it’s for successful trading. I am glad to be part of such a wonderful group who not only helps you to make money but also educates you to increase the market knowledge. One of the best parts of Edumomo is the daily watch list. A watch list consists of stocks to trade on a particular given day, makes it very easy for its readers to know exactly which stock to focus for the maximum gains.

Edumomo analysis and insight into the market have been a great way to figure out what’s important and their rule-of-thumb approach to risks/rewards has helped prepare me for the current volatile market. I’m fortunate to be part of Edumomo community which has helped me to start generating profit on a regular basis. I really enjoy Edumomo commentary on stocks during market hours. The daily commentary is something that I cannot do without. It’s like talking to your best mate over a beer (or coffee).

— Partner, Sept 2020

Trading Alerts/Guidance

We believe in learning by doing. While alerts are provided, often they are more done in the form of presenting risk/reward. It is up to each member to decide the suitability of the alert/trade idea for them as well as managing their own trade. DO NOT BLINDLY FOLLOW ALERTS, use alerts as trade ideas to evaluate and then make your own trade plan. Don’t know how? That’s why we are here. Aren’t you tired of following alerts and losing? Let us help you.



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