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When you join our server on discord you’ll find the following chatroom channels available.

The TRADING chatroom is run for trader by traders to make money each day.  Our goal is to help each other reap more profits out of the market everyday.

#trade-alerts is where trade alerts and actionable news can be found.

Trade Talk is where we meet and talk about actionable setups, entries, exits, and trade plans.

During market hours, you should be in #trade-alerts, and have the Trade Talk channel connected.  Please mute yourself when you connect.  Just unmute yourself when you want to alert news or a trade setup.  Don’t forget to mute yourself again.

Please follow the following guidelines when posting in trade-alerts or speaking in Trade Talk.

  1. Only post actionable setups or news from 9am ET to 4pm ET — actionable means something that is time sensitive.
  2. Keep conversations focused on actionable trades during market hours.  Silence is golden. Outside market hours let’s talk and review trades.
  3. Please post shareable trades — meaning if the trade is in and out inside 1 minute, others can’t benefit from your idea.  Ideally the trade should be on for more than a few minutes.  We understand we don’t control the market so if it moves in your favor fast, lock in those gains. Don’t feel obliged to have to stay in it.  The idea is that we want to be able to participate in the great trades each other are finding at a similar risk/reward.
  4. Trade entries should be posted or voiced at time of entry.  Not 3 candles later.  If you can also state ahead of time, ex., “I’m watching to enter long/short XYZ stock ahead of time, even better”.
  5. When posting a trade please state target and risk if you can.
  6. If you voice a trade entry/alert, please also share it in #trade-alert if there is enough time.
  7. If a trade doesn’t work and you stop it, that’s ok, please let us know.  Someone might be watching the same trade and say hey your idea is good, maybe go back in.
  8. Don’t post exits without posting entries.  No one can take action on your exit except for giving you the claps.  We’d love to see your trade results! — Post them in #trade-results under SOCIALIZING
  9. When posting option trades, we will assume nearest expiration unless otherwise stated.

The SOCIALIZING chatroom is meant to let us get to know one another.  Lets be honest, trading can be lonely and its hard to find others to share your experiences and relate to.

Social – Mingle – A great place to hang out during the lunchtime lull or during sideways market chop or discuss a trade idea that me be complicated or long winded.  Stop in and say hello.  Please keep it respectful.  Remeber some of the best trades are ones you enter and let work.  Its ok to have only 1 or 2 trades in a day and spend the rest of the time socializing while watching your charts.

#social channel is where you can post memes and have text based conversations that aren’t urgent or time sensitive trade related.

#trade-alerts channel is where we share our results good and bad.



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