Tutorials / Education

This document is a rough outline of the content I’d like to develop.  You can help support the development effort by Donating.  Send me a DM on twitter with your feedback please.

  1. So You Want to Be a Trader, An Overview
    1. A day in the life of a trader
    2. Be prepared for
    3. It’s a business
    4. Your first year goals.
  2. Setup Trading Tools and Services — the tools and services you need before making a trade
    1. Open a Brokerage Account and setup software
      1. Account Types
        1. Cash Account
          1. Settlement / Good Faith Violations
        2. Margin Account
          1. PDT Rule
      2. Brokers
        1. TDAmeritrade
        2. Interactive Brokers
        3. TastyWorks
    2. Charting Software
      1. ThinkOrSwim
        1. Walkthrough
        2. Spectre’s Setup
      2. TradingView
        1. Walkthrough
        2. Spectre’s Setup
    3. Idea Generation
      1. Sign Up for Twitter / Setup Tweetdeck
      2. Sign up for Black Box Stocks
      3. Accessing Black Box Stocks
        1. Members.blackbox.com
        2. Setup blackbox twitter feed
        3. Accessing Discord BlackBox Chatroom
      4. Websites to Bookmark
    4. Trading Journal


  1. Trading Psychology
  2. Trading Mechanics and Execution
    1. Order Types
    2. Placing Entry Orders
    3. Placing Exit Orders
    4. Money Management
  3. Trading Instruments
    1. Common Stock
      1. Penny
      2. Low Float
      3. Big Boys
    2. Options
    3. Futures
  4. Trading Time Frames
  5. Trading Charts
    1. Support and Resistance
    2. Volume
    3. Important Tickers
      1. SPY
      2. QQQ
      3. UVXY,
      4. TRIN
    4. Common Patterns
    5. Fibonacci
    6. Trading Heikin Ashi
    7. Trading VWAP
    8. Trading COG
  6. Learn to use the tools
    1. Black Box Stocks
    2. TweetDeck
    3. ThinkOrSwim
    4. TradingView
  7. Trading with under $5,000
  8. Trading with over $30,000
  9. Trading with over $100,000

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