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by Jakob D on EDUMOMO
Spectre the GOAT ?

I was down to bare bones when I came across Spectre’s watchlist. I committed to trusting his input and pivots and have resurrected my account. I made 1200% of my account value in a single week after committing myself to following his plays. I can’t speak highly enough of his skillset

Thank you for kind words. Congratulations on the wins.

by Kalyan on EDUMOMO
The way i trade has changed for ever !!!!

I am about an year in to options trading but have been serious about it starting november. My pattern has been like one of those kid in a candy store trader going after all and any recommendations including some intuition and ended up loosing quite a bit in the first half of the year. Despite of being blackbox annual member from last nov only in may is when i discovered this magic mod spectre. I have used services from many experts claiming they made millions and selling reccomendations and alerts but nothing seemed to work for me.

I got the daily watchlist blog from spectre in May but started following this only in July. What a profound effect this had on me. Restrospecting the trades from the last month which included some with 20X baggers i realized the most consistent way i made profits was when i followed the process outlined in the blog and being deliberate about taking less but convicted trades with a plan. While i am not fully there i feel i am getting better at this process and hope to be a strict follower of spectres model and discipline to be able to make a consistent and predictable income from trading.

By the way being in west coast my day starts with alarm going off at 6:15 AM and the first read of the day is the daily watch list. I now have a number of folks that are starting to trust in this watch list and taking trades based on this. THANK YOU for the process, For the watchlist, For the trade ideas . I am considering dedicating one of my trading account to trades i take based on the watch list here and at some point in time will post the retrospective. Thank you again !!!! Keep teaching us and helping us develop the process to consistently make money.

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